Salvation in Sikhism

The aim of life, according to the Sikh Gurus, is not to get that salvation or a heavenly abode called paradise, which is all good for further journey of a soul. Where there is no sadness, no work to do, no poverty just all wealth, rest and enjoyment which is not here on earth. Sikhism says, "Those who tasted the love of God (Ekonkar), place like salvation are phony to him."

"If a man loves to see God, what care he for salvation or paradise."

(Sahib Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji Asa)
"Everybody hankers after salvation, paradise or Elysium setting their hopes on them every day of their lives. But those who love to see God do not ask for salvation. The sight itself satisfies their minds completely."
(Sahib Sri Guru Ram Das Ji in Kalyan).

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