Sikhs and Sikh Faith - Geographically

The Sikh faith is the most recent, it came into being with birth of the first Sikh Prophet Guru Nanak Dev, in 1469 A.D. At present there are about twenty-two million Sikhs, and the Sikh faith is the fifth largest in the world.

Sikhs are settled all over India, as well as almost in every part of the earth. The homeland of Sikhs is the State of Punjab, in the far north of India.

A big chunk of the Punjab went to Pakistan at the time of partition of India in 1947. Out of the remaining State of Punjab, two more independent states called Haryana and Himachal were carved out in 1966.

Sikhs ruled whole of the State of undivided Punjab, for about one hundred years, from the borders of Afghanistan to Delhi, and from Tibet to Rajasthan. There is a great history of Sikh rules in Afghanistan too in the time of Maharaja Ranjeet Singh when they ruled upon the Afghanistan.

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