Proud Sikhs - Inspiring Real Story

It is a real story of Indian army proud Sikhs. As usual those Sikhs soldier were sent to remote area of the India, whole army known that Sikhs are extraordinary brave people, because they have a heart squeezing and blood-spattered background. The history of Sikhs is blocked with sacrifices, pain and agony. The Sikh soldiers are supposed to be greatest ones. The always sent in first units while war.

It's about 5-6 Sikh soldiers, ordered to bake the chapattis (breads) on tavi (Big round pan). They had started to bake breads on hot surface. One of the Sikhs has turned sad looking at that hot surface. He talks about Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji who sacrificed his life for truth and religion of “One God”.

He was crying by hiding his face in his knees. Suddenly one of the officer reached to them while they discussing about Sikhism and Guru Arjan Dev Ji. He was an arrogant, Hindu officer. He stopped over them and start listening there talks.

He speak suddenly, “How could it be?” No one can sit on this hot pan by just saying one time to save his religion. And you also were saying that your Guru was muttering the name of God still. There was none who can sit on hot fire happily.”

“Sir, Our Guru Sahib sat on extremely hot tavi, its true,” Sikhs replied. Hindu said, “I don’t believe you all, the Sardars. How could he sit on red hot iron tavi?”

One Sikh, who was crying, got up and sits on red hot tavi on which they were backing breads, rapidly. And said this is how my Guru sits on hot tavi. He was in his loose dress, with bare legs. Remaining Sikhs shouted loudly and pulled him away from the red hot tavi. His legs were burned seriously.

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