Preparation of Amrit

Preparation of Amrit
The Khalsa

It is prepared by the five faithful (Panj Piarae – five beloved of the Guru – those who have taken Amrit). After Ardas (Invocation) sugar cakes (Patasae) are put in an iron bowl, and are dissolved in the water taken preferably from a river or well. Water-taps used to have washers made of hide from cows, and it was generally not acceptable. Now no more hides and plastics are in the forefront.
All the five Amritdhari Gurmukh (God oriented persons who have taken Amrit) place their hands on the edge of the Bata (Bowl) and focus on the tip of the Khanda, double edged sword, dipped in sweetened water. With full concentration, these five Sikhs, turn by turn recite the specific – prescribed, five Gurbanis (Scriptures), and work Khanda to and fro. When recitation of five Gurbani is complete, Amrit is ready. Ardas – supplication is said, and Amrit is administrated to the devotees.

Amrit is given to drink to the person gathered to get inducted into the Sikh faith. They pledge to live a high ethical life according to the Reht (Edicts – dictates) of the Guru prescribed at that time.

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