Sikh Faith - Originality and Reality

The Hindus and Sikhs are inseparable socially, culturally, and as well have markedly common spiritual approach, although their spiritual paths may not be exactly the same. Most of their social customs are common. They have great closeness and socially, they move as one integrated group.

A Hindu family felt proud of making at least one male issue a Sikh. The child was taken to Gurdwara with brass band, and the occasion was joyously celebrated. Hindu and Sikh intermarriages are not rare. A great number of Hindus revere the Gurus, Gurbani, visit Gurdwara, and take active part in the matters related to Sikh faith.

Deep roots of Sikhs are in the mainstream Hindu-block of India. The Sikhs emerged (diverged, separated) from the Hindus, and an independent as well as original faith was established. The first four Sikh Gurus came directly from the Hindu families, though their teaching was opposing the Hindu way of worship of One God.

The Sikh Gurus heavily quoted the Hindu mythology in their Hymns. It was popular in the masses at that time, and these were used to elaborate and illustrate their own philosophy.

The Sikh, Sikh faith established its own independent, individual and distict path. What Guru Nanak, founder of Sikh faith preached the nine Gurus following him, promoted the same. The God given Spiritual Light-Essence of all the ten Gurus is one and the same – The same God factor. After Guru Nanak, all the Gurus that followed him are Nanak – Nakak I, Nanak ii, Nanak iii etc. (The Spirit of Nanak is the same.)

When we think of, or remember, or take the name of one Holy Guru, all the ten Gurus get included in that one name. A Holy Composition of one Guru belongs to all the ten Gurus. Only seven Gurus out of the ten composed the Holy Hymns, and Hymns of only the first six are present in the Holy Guru Granth Sahib. But it is right to presume that Hymns of all the Ten Gurus are present in the Holy Guru Granth Sahib (Essence of all Gurus being one and the same). The Holy Spirit (Words of Gurus) being the same in Guru Granth Sahib, bow to Guru Granth Sahib, anywhere and you bow to all its volumes everywhere in the world.

Gurus conveyed in their Holy Hymns (Bani) to the people, what the Lord Himself revealed to them – they followed His command. Anything said by anyone Guru, pertains to all the ten of them (being one in the Spirit), and it collectively becomes in it’s totally the philosophy and psyche o the Sikh faith.

Guru Nanak gave the original basic formula (Mool Mantra) and Guru given formula (Gur Mantra). The Gurus kept revealing to the people the “Words of God” through their revelations i.e. Holy Hymns. They equally shared with everyone what the Lord gave to them. They illuminated the world equally, all over, with the God’s Light. Sikhs have their own discipline and procedures of the faith. Their leading religious customs are also unique. The beauty is that the Guru’s preaching: Hymns were composed by themselves. The immortal Spirit of the Gurus is what they said – their Hymns and these are contained in Guru Granth Sahib. This is the reason why the Sikhs revere their Holy Granth. They worship the Word in it (Hymns by the Gurus).

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