What is Gurdwara

The Sikh hold their gatherings in the presence of Guru Granth Sahib, the Divine, Holy Book of Sikhs in their place of worship called "Gurdwara" - residence of the Guru. This holy place is identified by the saffron colored triangular flag bearing the Sikh symbols. All services in a Gurdwara are absolutely free. Everyone from any faith is welcome to visit it, participate in worship, and to take food there without any obligation.

Sometimes, they get together to pray at their homes, too. Their every ceremony is performed in the presence of Guru Grath Sahib. Their gatherings mostly end with "Langar" - common free (community) food, eaten together, ex gratis.


  1. The Gurdwara is most holy place and have a great importance for each and every. Gurdwara has same significance in Sikh community like a Church in Christian community and a mosque for a Muslim follower. It is important because their Master Guru live in Gurdwara. And for Sikhs Guru is greatest and only person who can meet them with One Timeless God forever. Where there in no sorrow, pain and agony. None soul will suffer any pain of birth and death.

    Sikh pepole sings in the songs and speech of Gurus which is quite divine to praise the One Lord to get blessing. They bow in front of their Guru to get blessing of Guru. They are extremely strict to their Guru.

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    Fake Sikhs worship a Mr. Guru and study yoga (Sikh prayer!!!), they attend ashrams not gurdwaras, tend to wear all white.

    These people are not real Sikhs. They are making money in the name of Sikhism and Guru Singh is appearing on TV representing the Sikh faith. Who is he?