Story - got into Sikhism

A friend of mine was telling me about how her dad got into Sikhism… with her permission I’m posting his story anonymously.

Anyway my dad took amrit at 37, he used to be a huge drinker, once upon a time he smacked a dog on the nose and it bled to nearly death on our doorstep. he had a bad temper. My mum was lovely always bearing the crap from him. I don’t think he ever hit her but was always shouting gussey drinking meat etc Anyway so one day he started getting nose bleeds and really bad I was only little back in 1988 I was 8 yrs old the bath tub was full of blood and my mom was crying he went to hospital and was put on life support and his nose was stuffed up condition was very bad.

Anyway doctors said that no sure of he’s going to make it. So I remember mom coming home crying every day from hospital we had aunties cooking for us because she was too depressed too anyway the next morning a miracle he recovered - nurses said it was weird they couldn't get into his room for a second and something odd was going on but never mind he was discharged and sent home. Your probably thinking what happened in the room - well I don’t tell anyone because people don’t believe me or my dad they think he hallucinated because of medication but he had a messenger from death visit him, he says this thing kept saying to him come on lets go and was walking to him fast and trying to grab him, he was screaming said he was scared.

Then he says he started doing simran (my dad never believed in god b4 this, thought it was routinely to go gurdwara Sunday morning). Anyway the more he did simran the thing stepped back- and when he stopped he said it came closer
so then he said I closed my eyes and i prayed and did ardaas with Harimander Sahib in vision. He did this for ages and ages and ages and finally this thing went away. After that he changed his life - he stopped meat, drink, started growing his hair, reading path, we have Maharaj (Guru Grath Sahib Ji) at home in our house too !! 37 isn’t that young compared to some people who take amrit young, but I thought it was for my dad the way he was … so I do believe in it all deep down because I’ve been told about this first hand by my dad.

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  1. So he became a Sikh because he was scared to die? Not a good reason to become Sikh. Ridiculous. People became Sikhs because they were willing to die. Also if he has an alcohol problem, or has done in the past, giving up meat/ eggs is very dangerous, as he probably lacks enough vitamin B12 as it is.

    Please do not post such ridiculous stories.