Amrit Dhara, Amrit Rass

Amrit Dhara or Amrti Rass – Drip of Nector.

To enjoy that nector (love of God) leave this taste (attachments).
Once you enjoy the honey (Naam),
You will discard this drink (Maya).
Kabir (342-7)

Eh rass chhadae ouh rassu aavaa
Ouh rass peeaa eh rassu nahi bhaavaa

Kabir (342-7)

Amrit dhara – A trickle of Amrit. Amrit dhara is also known as Amrit-Rass, Amrit or simply Rass. Its source is the Tenth-Door (Dassam-Dwar) located at top of the head (claimed to be seat of God in the body). From there, it trickles on to the palate, tongue, and gives its sweet taste.

Rass mean essence. It is said to be honey like sweet (treacle). Perhaps, it is enjoyment of the state of absolute oneness with the lord, which is expressed as the sweetest of all. In fact, its real import is to enjoy oneness (Leenth) with Jaap of Naam. It is getting immersed into Naam-Jaap is too enjoy oneness or enjoying it. Leenth, deep absorption is the Rass (enjoyment, joy) and it may be with Naam, Gurbani, Kirtan, Simran, or with the thoughts of God. This is the spiritual thing, but it may be there in its physical form of taste, depending on the faith one has in it.

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