What to Do During Pregnancy in Sikhism

What to do while pregnancy in Sikhism

Recitation of Guru Granth Sahib, and doing Nit Nem (reading of the set scriptures) daily is the usual Sikh religious routine.

As soon as a Sikh woman becomes aware that she has conceived, she takes particular care especially to recite Sukhmani Sahib – peace giving psalm, every day. Some recite it more than once per day. It takes about 1-1.5 hours for its one reading at the usual speed.
It is a routine to recite Jappu Ji Sahib – the Morning Prayer and some start reciting it repeatedly – many times throughout the day.

A pregnant woman adopts Naam-Jaap – recitation of the Name of God and keeps reciting one or the other Shabad – Holy Hymn. She lives the God oriented life throughout her pregnancy. Listens to Kirtan – devotional singing may be it is pre-recorded. God orientation raises morale and gives peace.

All these things provide celestial environment to the developing baby. It is a well known fact that fetus is effected by environment and by the mental state of mother.


  1. Thank you..
    Can please suggest some Sikh baby names for baby boy and girl. I am looking for some meaningful Sikh names.

  2. please tell me shabad that is easy to chant while pregnancy.