Amritvela in Sikhism

Amritvela means ambrosial i.e early morning hours, auspicious time. It is after midnight to before sunrise i.e. fourth part of the night, daybreak, 3 a.m. to 6 a.m. It ends with the sunrise. This is the best time for Doing Naam Jap, the spiritual practices. Any time God’s name is recited, is Naam Jap time.

Every time is Naam Jap time. Any time when there is no disturbance to cause distraction, is good for remembering God. The early morning hours are particularly recommended. There is almost n noise pollution at that time, and the mind is fresh and calm.

You can adjust Naam Jaap Time into your daily routine according to your convenience. The best time for it is when you can and do it. Due to calmness at that time, Amritvala (early morning) is considered best for remembering God. And there must be some other spiritual or divine reason why Guru tell us to worship the Lord at early morning, Amritvela.

Amrit Velaa Sach Naau Vadiaayi Vichar || 1-2-5

Amritvela is the practical time for doing Naam Jap. Many practitioners of Naam get up after 2 a.m. and some even soon after midnight. The second best time for Jaap, recitation of the name of God, is the late evening. One is busy with other things at other times. Any time you engage in Naam Jaap, provided it is calm with no distractions, is Amritvela (divine time).

Fix a time for your spiritual pursuits and be regular. Same place and same time set up conditioning of the mind for Naam Jaap, you feel like doing it there at that time. At these times, the practitioners all over engage in remembering God, and their spiritual vibrations are said to help concentration of each other. Earlier you get up in morning, more pull of Naam Jap is there. Any time your mind is calm, is Amritvela. In fact, every time is Naam Jap time.
In the western countries, the word Amritvela has become a proverb and is commonly used in a general sense as "Have you done your Amritvela?" It may mean anything – Jaap, Nit Nem, Asa Di Var (routine devotional singing of the set Hymns in specific meter, in the morning time) etc.

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  1. Amrita Vela is the time when Guru told Sikhs to worship Akal Purakh,
    It's something extremely divine at the time of Amrit Vela, early in morning.