Saropa, Hazooria, Kamarkasa

It is the clothe of honor, Scarf or cloth of appreciation or honor.
Anyone who does something good, must be thanked and appreciated in one form or other. In the sikh world, hight appreciation is by presenting a Saropa, the clothe of honor, a length of cloth put across (placed over) the neck. It is usually of the saffron color. Though the color code is not essential. White or sky-blue are also common. The cloth may be any material, cotton, mixed or silk. Silk or woolen shawls are also given.

It is a length of cloth placed across the neck as a sign of humility. It is used when a person is in the service of Guru Granth Sahib. A man in Tabia (sitting behind Guru Granth Sahib), one who works the wisp over the holy Guru Granth, Ragi (devotional singer), Kathakar (preacher, a sermon giver), Ardasia (one who leads invocation) etc. Use it.

Kamarkasa is a sash bound around waist to hold weapons a essential part of Nihang dress. It is also called cumberband or Belt or waist sash or waistband.

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