Special About the Golden Temple

What is special about the golden temple?

If one wants to see the romance of early rising, one would do well to visit the Golden Temple (Shri Darbar Sahib), Amritsar in the early hours of the morning when the devotees begin to pour in form 2:30 AM. The whole atmosphere at that time is flooded with religious ecstasy.

The singing of the holy hymns, the recitation of Gurbani and the very attitude of the devotees creates a celestial atmosphere and the reflection of the Golden Temple in the sacred tank gives one the impression that one is in heaven and not on the earth. After all what is heaven but a picture of the noblest thoughts and highest aspirations of the human breast, and the Guru has brought it down to this earth.

During the early hours in Golden Temple when every heart is free from worldly temptations, when evils are yet asleep and the wicked one is yet not awake, the lovers of God see Him face to face. Where there are pure hearts there is holy ground and the morning hours make it holier.

According to Greeks the hero Mammon is the son of Aurora, the Goddess of morning and the real Sikhs too are children of the holy morning. Thoreau found all the glory of the Odyssey in the morning hours, and the Sikhs under the influence of early hours enacted these heroic exploits of Homer.

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  1. Gurcharan. Kaur ChaggarNovember 04, 2013

    Sat Sri Akal , we just to know when anyone comes to the temple to pay respect why are they pushed by the guards standing there. It is very rude. We came to Amritsar first time and we pushed very badly. Now we watch on television every day this still happening. This is only happening to Asians but not white people. In Sikh religion we were told that treat everyone the same. Please can anyone answer this question . Many thanks wait for the reply.